30 Days of Vegan in Vermont

Follow me, as I attempt to go Vegan in Vermont for 1 Month.

Mood Diary


Week 1 has had its hits and misses.  I tried Beyond meat burgers and i was not disappointed.  I also tried a random vegan pancake mix that i found on google, and it was absolutely terrible! I mean the maple syrup i poured on them didn’t even want any parts of those pancakes.  Favorite snack of week one would have to be Rhythm Kale chips and roasted pistachios.

overall mood is a 8 out of 10. Great first week.






So, I decided to go Vegan…

As a Chef, I like to explore diverse and interesting Cuisines.  Here in Vermont there is a growing community of Vegans.  As a result, I wanted to create tasty Vegan Options for Stowe Mountain Lodge Guests.  What better way to explore this cuisine than by going Vegan myself.  So here I am, on a 30 day journey exploring being Vegan in Vermont.

My Journey in Pixels