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Viva La Cuba!  2016 has been filled with great accomplishments and even better travel.  But by far the best trip has been Cuba!  The culture, beautiful views, food and people are just amazing.  I booked my trip through, and stayed in an Air BnB in Guanabacoa. This house was absolutely stunning, and sat about 1/2 mile from the beach.  The family we stayed with were so accommodating and friendly.  They spoke no English, and sadly while we were a group of 8, we spoke very little Spanish but communication was overall great.

The trip mainly consisted of a series of guided tours and some downtime, mainly spent in restaurants, at the house in Guanabo, and in small surrounding villages.  If you are planning to visit Cuba, consider these places to visit:

  • MUSEO HISTORICO DE GUANABACOA (AFRO-CUBAN MUSEUM) – Our Tour Guides, Yvco and Jorge, were amazing!  They stayed with us at this museum and gave us so much history of the Afro-Cuban culture and Yoruba.  The museum tour lasted about 45 minutes and ended with a drum and dance presentation.
  • VINALES TOBACCO FACTORY – Viñales is located in Western Cuba.  On my third day in Cuba we visited The Tobacco Factory there.  Fortunately for us, we were able to get a behind-the-scenes tour and visit the Home of the Factory Owner. What an experience!  Visiting the tobacco fields and seeing the process of how its picked, dried out and even rolled was informative and entertaining.
  • EL MORRO – Located in Havana, this stop is a must!  The fort is just beautiful.  Make sure to get there before 8:45pm so you don’t miss the Cannon Ceremony.
  • BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB – While this social club is a little on the pricier side, the entertainment and overall ambience was worth it. Drinks were fantastic, I had the best Mojito Ever!  It wasn’t too sweet or overly saturated with mint.
  • OLD HAVANA – Walking around Old Havana.  If you can still do this, definitely visit Old Havana. Old Havana is just magical.  It’s like a piece of history frozen in time.

The food in Cuba was delicious!  I will dedicate an article to the best places to eat in Cuba.  The Cuban food scene is difficult to maneuver, and this is why many travelers have a hard time navigating through the unending maze of restaurants scattered around Havana, the country’s capital and all over the rest of Cuba.

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