So, I work at a wonderful restaurant in Tarrytown NY called Equus, located in a small luxury hotel called Castle on the Hudson.  We are a 5 star establishment that produces a New American style cuisine.  This style of cooking allows us to be very creative in our menu selections.  So this Valentine’s Day we offered a variety of options that we hoped would intrigue and satisfy our many costumers.

Each table was giving an Amuse Bouche to snack on while looking over the menu. The Amuse consisted of a Roasted chicken and Almond salad with creme fraiche over heart shaped pomegranate Jelly. Each Amuse Bouche was complimented by Veuve Clicquot Champagne.

Appetizers consisted of Lobster & mushroom Ravioli served  in smoked lobster sauce, Tuna & Oyster Tartare served with blood oranges, frazzled horseradish, daikon radish & kale sprouts, and a vegetarian appetizer which was a Roasted pepper and orange segment salad with upland cress, goat cheese fondue garnished with 2 cracked pepper potato chips.  Being the one responsible to make those dang chips was a nightmare. I’m thinking that all I would really have to do was slice some potatoes extra thin, fry them and sprinkle some fresh cracked pepper over it. But absolutely not, these chips where made by cooking potatoes, putting them through a ricer, added egg whites and milk until really lose batter, then spreading the mixture over silpat.  Once that was done I then had to cook the potatoes at 350 degrees until it began to set. I then had to pull the mixture out score it to the shape I wanted each chip sprinkle the fresh cracked pepper on it them place it back in the over till Golden brown and crispy. Once the chips cooled I had to separate each individual chip and place it on parchment paper inside an air tight container.  The whole process took me about 3 hours to complete just to get about 200 crackers.  It was worth it though the guest enjoyed everything.

Second course on the menu was the Cauliflower soup, garnished with a cauliflower fritter and trout roe which was given to everyone. If you like cream of broccoli soup then you would love the cauliflower soup.  It was creamy and velvety with out being too heavy of a meal. It had just the right balance of seasoning too.

Now on to the Main course, we offered 3 entre choices, Sea Bass, Rack of Lamb or Beef Tenderloin.  The Sea Bass was served with ginger braised carrots, Brussel sprout leaves, and Blank trumpet mushroom with a curry Blue Hubbard squash sauce.  The Rack of lamb came with Belgian endive, Cipollini, Potato Pave, and Kumquat marmalade with sauce Natural.  The Tenderloin was served with braised oxtail ragout, petite parsnip, turnip and crosnes, and an Adirondack cheddar and bacon biscuit with a red wine sauce.

Now here is my favorite part of the meal, DESSERT!

We offered 2 wonderful desserts. My favorite (yes I sampled EVERYTHING lol!) was the Passion Fruit Mousse served with Ruby grapefruit, candied zest and lychees with a lime Tuile.  It was very light and flavorful and the fresh fruit served with it also acted as a palate cleanser.  The other option for dessert was the Warm Chocolate Truffle cake served with Grape Sorbetto and garnished with a chocolate Tuile and sugared grapes.  This dessert was a little heavier than the first option, but was a great choice for the chocolate lovers.  Each dessert was accompanied by complimentary house made truffles.

Overall I think that this Valentine’s Day was a success. The food looked and in my eyes tasted amazing.  I’m looking forward to our Hudson Valley Restaurant week and Easter holiday menu.  You should be too.

So until next time.